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What to bring...

School Bag

  • Lunchbox – labelled with name. Your child’s lunchbox should contain a healthy morning tea and lunch. Please include a piece of fruit each day.

  • Drink Bottle – with water -  labelled with name

  • Spare Clothes – including underpants, nappies, socks. Please note that all clothing MUST have sleeves (no singlet tops or sleeveless t-shirts). Preschool does not provide nappies.

  • Jumper or jacket in case of cooler weather changes

  • Little Explorers children often choose to sleep/rest after lunch, please pack a fited cot sheet, top sheet or light blanket. If your child requires a dummy or comfort toy for nap time you are welcome to bring these items. Discovery and Achievers children are offered rest time but do not require bedding set up. 


Please ensure that all of your child’s belongings are clearly labelled with their name.


What if my child is away?

If your child is absent, we ask you notify the preschool. Fees are still payable on these days. 


Parents are required to provide proof of up-to-date immunisation prior to enrolling. This MUST be the A.I.R Immunisation Statement.

You can download the statement through your MyGov account or Medicare App or by calling the Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809.

Warragamba Preschool will not enrol any child in our centre if we do not have a copy of an up-to-date A.I.R Immunisation Statement or Medical Contraindication Statement issued by the A.I.R.

Drop off and pick up

Children are to be collected from the centre no later that 4pm. For the safety of your child, we do not allow them to leave the centre with anyone other than their parent or authorised collector (listed on your enrollment application) unless prior arrangements have been made. If parents have informed staff of another person collecting their child, then staff will request to see some form of identification upon arrival, eg. driver’s licence.

​Late collection of children incur a fee of $2.50 per minute for every minute your child remains on the premises after 4pm.

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