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Discovery Room

The Discovery Room provides a stimulating learning space for children in the year prior to school. In this classroom the children are supported to build their self-confidence and independence in preparation of school and lifelong learning. The room is designed to encourage play-based learning in small groups to equip the children with the social skills needed for a successful and rewarding life. The classroom inspires the children to express their creativity through the various art mediums and open-ended resources available. The children are supported and encouraged to use their imagination and creative role playing. 

The educators support the theory that language plays an important role in the development of the child. Educators carefully balance structured literacy and language programs with spontaneous language and literacy opportunities to extend children's development in language and communication skills. The educators draw on theory and research to guide their program to best support the children to develop the skills they need to make a smooth and positive transition to school. Educators use intentional teaching moments to cultivate and enrich every child's learning.

The children are encouraged to use mathematics in their everyday experiences. High quality educators look for opportunities for the children to engage in all areas of mathematical learning. The children are encouraged to gather and represent their data in ways to share their learning with others. Opportunities for one-on-one interactions, small group and large group learning is provided for.

At Warragamba Preschool the children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, predict, research, hypothesise and develop conclusions as they build their scientific thinking and understanding. Educators support and guide the children through this process. 

"Science is Having Fun with Ideas" - Albert Einstein

The classroom provides responsible digital learning through age-appropriate resources. The children explore digital technologies with the safety of educators supporting children through this engagement to deepen their understandings.

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