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Warragamba Preschool is a community based, not for profit preschool providing early childhood education and care for children in Warragamba, Silverdale and surrounding communities for over 70 years.

Our preschool is managed by our Parent Committee, who are members of the preschool. The committee meets regularly and is actively involved in all decisions and business relating to the Preschool.

Our Preschool Director is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Preschool. 


All profits raised goes back into the Preschool to benefit the children.

What we offer

- Education and care for children 2 - 6 years

- Qualified, experienced Early Childhood staff

- An inclusive preschool program based on children's individual needs, strengths and interests

- A comprehensive Transition to School program

- Support and individual learning plans for children with additional needs  

- Close partnerships with local primary schools - including educator support at transition visits

- Start strong preschool funding - incorporating Start Strong Fee Reliesupporting 2 days of Fee Free preschool per week to qualifying children in 2024

- Three beautiful and welcoming classrooms which reflects children's needs and interests with age appropriate furnishings and activities

- Engaging outdoor play space

- Life education experiences such as Munch and Move Program, Fire Safety and Education, Incursions, Excursions within the community.

- Free Eyesight Screening, Free Health & Development checks by SWSLHD for all eligible 4 year olds. 

- Commitment to sustainability practices

- Engagement with our local community

We are open from 8am - 4pm during NSW School Terms. The Preschool Terms follow those of NSW Public Schools and are therefore closed all Public and School Holidays. We do not have school development days (Pupil Free Days). Staff engage in professional development, planning and preparing days during the term break.

Opening Hours

Our Philosophy

Warragamba Preschool is an integral part of our community, providing high quality early childhood education and care to the families of Warragamba and surrounding areas for the past 70 years.  As a community based preschool, we value and respect the history of the preschool and local community, longevity of quality educators and family partnerships.

We value relationships with children and families.  We value positive transitions within the preschool and local schools. Experiences are planned to provide children with connections to the community, local schools and organisations.

Early childhood is a valued and unique time in a childs life, one to be appreciated.  The Early Years Learning Framework, ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’, guides our practice, encourages reflection and engages our team of early childhood educators to implement programs that challenge and extend children’s individual and group learning.

Educators value play based learning and implement teaching strategies that recognise children as capable resourceful learners, with the ability to express their individual voices, knowledge and skills. Ongoing observations and assessment based on individual and group interests, strengths and needs, provide opportunities to build on children’s identity, knowledge and understandings.

We believe in creating a secure, nurturing and inclusive learning environment, whereby each child is freely able to express their identity and culture, feeling a strong sense of belonging to their family and a respected member of the community. Building positive partnerships with families to enrich children’s sense of Belonging, Being and becoming.

Positive learning dispositions are promoted through our interactions, planned and spontaneous experiences. Educators value the outdoor environment as a third teacher and encourage and support children to explore,  discover and respectfully connect with nature.

Sustainability practices are reflected across the service with Educators and children working together to reduce our carbon footprint for a sustainable future.

Educators are engaged in a continual process of professional development and reflect on the preschool, service delivery, practice, teaching and curriculum in a process of continual improvement.  We engage our community in events and understand that the community and our families underpin our preschool.

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