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Little Explorers Room

Our Little Explorers Room provides a wonderful, nurturing and supportive learning space for our youngest pre-schoolers. This classroom fosters the belief in providing a safe space for the children to explore new experiences as they learn new skills. Opportunities for one-on-one interactions, small group and large group learning is provided for. 

The educators in this classroom support the development of children's play skills, social development, self-help skills, communication, relationships and attachments to caregivers. The classroom routine is flexible, and educators are responsive to children as they work in partnership with families to ensure a smooth transition from home to preschool.

The Little Explorers Room provides sensory play experiences that stimulate the children's senses as they explore natural and built environments. The children experience the benefits and pleasures of exploration and shared learning with their peers and educators. The children are provided with hands on learning experiences that foster their sense of wonder and interest in their environment to enhance their learning.

The educators are always close by to support and guide our youngest learners. In this room the children are inspired to create, explore and discover. The children experiment with cause and effect, trial and error and motion as they explore how things work.

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