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Achievers Room

The Achievers room provides a stimulating learning space for children in their one-two years prior to school. This classroom presents an environment that is visually appealing, organised and stimulating. The children are encouraged to be creative and enthusiastic about the masterpieces they create. The children are encouraged to persevere and experience the satisfaction of personal and shared achievement. 

The program offers Play-based learning to support the development of positive social development that will benefit the children into their future. Opportunities for the one-on-one interactions, small group and large group learning is provided for. 

Within this classroom the children begin to use images, letters and words to convey meaning. The children access digital technologies for information and communication purposes as well as tools for designing, drawing, editing, reflecting and composing.

In the classroom the children are encouraged to engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as a unit of work. Educators intentionally provoke the children to question the why and how as they engage in shared thinking, investigation and construction, supporting the children to develop dispositions for learning such as creativity and problem solving.

The children have the opportunity to disappear into another world, do things they can only dream of and develop their creativity without boundaries providing an invaluable experience.

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