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We encourage you to contact us to make a time to visit our school for a tour.

Please complete the waitlist form or contact our office to add your child to our waitlist. Adding your child to the waitlist does not incur a fee or guarantee a placement will be offered.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for assistance in completing this process.

Enrolments FAQ

How old must my child be to begin at your preschool?

Our Preschool license enables us to care for and educate children aged 2-5 years. We are not licensed for children under 2 years. Priority is given to children in the 2 years prior to starting formal schooling.


How do I secure my child’s enrolment?

Your child will be placed on a waitlist. Placing your child on the waitlist incurs no cost and does not guarantee your child a position at Preschool. Once you are offered a position for your child you will need to be ready to start at Preschool within 2-3 weeks of the offer date. We do not hold positions open for longer periods due to the number of children requesting Preschool placements. Once placement is offered the holding deposit is required to be paid.


What fee subsidies are available for my family?

 Our Preschool is funded by NSW Education Early Childhood - In 2024 we offer Start Strong Preschool and Start Strong Fee Relief. This reduces the cost of attendance to qualifying children, please refer to the Fees page for futher information or contact the preschool office. 

Child Care Subsidy is NOT available to any family using our service.


Are meals provided at your preschool?

Meals are not provided in your fees. Families are to pack a healthy morning tea and lunch.

We are a nut-free and egg free centre. These food items are not permitted. 


What are your preschool’s operating hours?

Our preschool is open from 8.00am-4.00pm, Monday to Friday.  We close for school holidays and public holidays.


Are fees charged during closure periods?

No fees are charged during closure periods, including public holidays & school holidays.


Can I come to visit your preschool?

Enrollment visits are available. Please contact the preschool to arrange a visit with our Administration staff.

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