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Outdoor Learning Space

Warragamba Preschool provides learning spaces that stimulate children's natural curiosity and innate sense of wonder about the world they live in. The children are encouraged to bring the outdoors in as they discover the beauty within our natural play space. The outdoor learning space provides the perfect environment to foster children's connection to nature, investigations of the living world and develop responsible ways to care for the environment into the future. The children are encouraged to use our outdoor learning space to scrounge and forage new treasures, embracing the natural beauty and open-ended resources available to us. Our edible and sensory gardens provide another element in which the children can immerse themselves within. The children engage in authentic real-life gardening and environmental science experiences as they contribute to the preservation of our natural learning space.

The children have ample space to run, jump, climb and play in our large outdoor playground. The outdoor space caters for all areas of children's development including their physical development and fundamental movement skills through the children's participation in our munch and move program. Children are supported to develop their strength, coordination, balance and movement skills as they engage in sport-based games and learn specific movement skills. The experiences set out encourage the children to engage in risky play that enhances their ability to approach new challenges and situations with confidence. 

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