Our Preschool Program


The preschool program reflects the Early Years Learning Framework.

Daily programs are planned to provide opportunities to extend children's learning in a social environment and their individual, strengths, interests and needs.


A different program is planned for each room, and each room has an age/stage appropriate routine. We incorporate a holistic approach in planning for your child's learning.


Our program encompasses activities and experiences that support the learning and development of your child across all areas: cognitive, fine-motor, gross-motor, creative, social, science/mathematics, music, language, self-help and school-readiness activities throughout the day. Educators promote positive learning dispositions in children and explore interest areas through project work.


Children's well being is supported through our nurturing, caring interactions with children throughout the day. Children's behavior is guided to support community participation and develop their sense of respect and responsibility for themselves and being part of a community.

Preschool educators are experienced in facilitating children's learning and development and undertake daily observations in order to plan for individual and group learning. Educators view all children as "capable" and focus on what children can do, building on their individual strengths and interests.


Educators document and assess children's learning throughout the year and compiled in your child's portfolio Portfolios are a record of your child's learning while at preschool. Portfolios include: learning stories, observations, project work, photographs, work samples, artwork and checklists. These are given to each child at the end of each year. Your child's portfolio is available for you to view at any time. Children are very proud of their work and enjoy looking through their portfolio. 

Transitions within our preschool

Our Akuna room provides an excellent transition to school program for your child. The success of this room is built on your child attending and spending a year in the Corrong and then the Broula room. Each room has been created to support and nurture children's wellbeing and development, with experiences planned relevant and meaningful to the child at each stage of learning. Children need to build competencies and practice new skills before they are ready to move onto more complex learning. We acknowledge each child is different however we aim to make learning a success for each child, with foundations formed and built on and not rushing through stages. Learning needs to be engaging for your child, meaningful and successful.

Transition to school

When your child is ready to make the transition to school our educators are here to support you and your child. We encourage you to be involved with your child's visits to their new school and we attend some local schools as well. This creates a secure base for your child to explore their new school environment. We will provide you with information on starting school, what to expect, if your child is ready for school and how you can support their transition to school.