Corrong Room


Our Corrong room provides a wonderful, nurturing learning space for our youngest pre-schoolers.  We have a low child staff ratio, so each child receives support and guidance that they require.  Educators engage children in planed and spontaneous experiences, guide and support children in their play. 


Our educators are very responsive to our little people when just starting preschool and make that transition from home to preschool supportive and caring.  Our Corrong room allows children to build positive relationships and attachments with our educators.  Social skills are encouraged and explored in the Corrong room with emerging friendships developing and children learning about others. 


Our routine is flexible with children having a rest after lunch, to meet the rest needs of each child.   Children participate in many play experiences including: art; craft; music; story time; role play; and sensory experiences all aiming to support a positive sense of self and building their autonomy.