Broula Room

Our Broula Room provides a lovely engaging learning space for our

3 – 4 ½ year old children. The room is thoughtfully arranged to provide quiet spaces and more active spaces. Learning centres are developed to reflect children’s interests and strengths as well as supporting the development of new skills. Learning centres provide predictability for children. Children are able to feel connected to their preschool through being able to independently able to access learning centres at a level suited to their abilities and  supported by our educators to extend on their learning and skills.

Children are able to engage in craft, construction, science and exploration. They experiment and build their skills in all the developmental domains and are supported in developing positive learning dispositions of persistence, resilience, focus and pride in their achievements. Educators in the Broula room are skilled in providing a wonderful learning experience for your child, which supports their wellbeing and builds on their social relationships and play skills.